Residential&Commercial Use Membrane

TW-NF Home Use Membrane

TW membrane series is developed by Mey and used for residential tap water,including TW-NF30 & TW-NF90.

TW-NF30 Membrane,system recovery can reach 90%,with low desalination and low energy consumption.

TW-NF90 Membrane,mainly used to remove heavy metals from slightly polluted water.


CW-NF Waterworks Membrane

CW membrane series is developed by Mey and used for waterworks,including CW-NF30 & CW-NF90.

CW-NF30 Membrane,mainly used to remove organics, microorganisms, viruses and most of the divalent and multivalent metal ions in water.Have a good performance of fouling resistance and high rejection rate.

CW-NF90,it is mainly used for hardness removal, with the advantages of high rejection and pollution resistance.