Industrial Wastewater Membrane

IW-NF Softened Membrane

IW-NF softened membrane,it’s one series of  the NF membranes developed by MEY,including IW-NF80 and IW-NF60.

IW-NF80,mainly used for softening and removing pesticides and bacteria, the desalination rate CaCl2≥80%;

IW-NF60,main use for beverage,the desalination rate CaCl2≥60%.


IW-UF-FR Wastewater Preatment Membrane

IW-UF-FR membrane series is developed by MEY,and used for wastewater treatment,have a great performance of anti-pollution, and available in 30,000Da and 2,000Da.


IW-NF-ROC RO Concentrate Recycle Membrane

IW-NF-ROC is a NF membrane developed by MEY and use for RO concentrate recycle with low pressure,the desalination rate CaCl293%.


IW-ROC Wastewater Concentration Membrane

IW-ROC is a membrance series developed by MEY and use for wastewater concentration,with a feature of outstanding fouling resistance.There are available in three pressure grades:600psi,800psi and 1200psi.