Landfill leachate


The COD of Landfill leachate in landfill is relatively low (generally 1000-20000 mg/L). For the new landfill (small water volume, mountainous area, etc.), as well as the old landfill project reconstruction, storage, and emergency landfill leachate treatment, secondary DTRO treatment process is mostly adopted.

The landfill leachate has relatively high COD . The landfill leachate directly adopts the "secondary DTRO" process, which is easy to cause:

    ●   DTRO membrane system cleaning frequently, basically it needs to be cleaned every other day, and the cost of medicine is expensive;

    ●  Failure of the system to operate steadily for long periods, especially during the rainy season, may cause leachate overflow from the landfill.

MEY membrane technology process:



●  DTRO cleaning frequency is slowed down and extended to 10~15 days per time;

●   UF membrane pretreatment can effectively intercept organic matter, avoid DTRO organic matter fouling, so that the recovery of the system is stable at 75~80%;

●   Extend the service life of DTRO and reduce the replacement frequency.