Household Drinking Water


During the process of tap water transportation, many pollutants from water conveyance pipeline and water tank will be added, including suspended solids, sediment, rust, colloid and so on. Therefore, drinking water needs further treatment by household water purifier. Household water purifier mainly uses reverse osmosis technology on the market today.

RO membrane can intercept almost everything in the water including bacteria, viruses, algae, organic matter, heavy metals and antibiotics. However, many mineral salts that are beneficial for the body are also intercepted, which can cause health problems in the long term.

MEY membrane technology process:




●   Selective separation: Dura-Cl-NF can effectively remove endocrine disruptors, antibiotics, disinfection by-products and other trace organic pollutants in water, and it can retain some minerals.

●   Simple process: MEY Dura-Cl-NF can be used without prior removal of free chlorine in water. 

●   Water-saving: The wastewater discharge rate of NF membrane is 15 ~ 20% lower than that of RO membrane.