Whey processing

Whey processing

Whey process

  Whey will be created while making cheese, which is discharged as wastewater. That waste the resources, also pollute the environment. Normally making 10-20kg cheese made by 100kg milk will create 80-90kg whey. 


MF: Removing fat casein from whey by pretreatment

UF: Separating and concentrating can obtain whey protein powder,the protein content is 35%~80%

NF: Demineralization and concentration of whey and removal rate of salt and ash is 60% ~ 90%

RO1: Concentrating the lactose in whey and the retention is 99.8%

RO2: Concentrating whey is more economical compared with concentration whey by evaporating.

Whey protein concentration(WPC)

  Using the membrane separation technology can obtain high concentration of whey protein (WPC, 35-80% protein concentration) and low concentration lactose (3-50%), while reducing the cost by about 50% compared with the traditional evaporation concentration process.



UF: Reducing the protein denaturation caused by heating compared with the traditional technology.Concentrating whey protein & separating lactose at the same time.