Tea Drinks


Tea powder and concentrates from dry tea have become the main materials of tea drinks. Traditional technologies adopt chemical methods,centrifugal sedimentation filtration and vacuum concentration to extract concentrates from dry tea. As a result, the tea polyphenol and tea aroma have lost a lot. Besides, there is a common phenomenon---”cream down” which means  products are not clear and easy to generate sediments

Traditional Technology:


Membrane Separation Technology:



MF: Remove insoluble particles and macromolecular colloids in the tea extraction.

UF: Remove most macromolecular substances such as proteins, pectin and starch, etc. Meanwhile, the loss of tea polyphenol, amino acid,catechin and caffeine is less.Filtrate light transmittance can enhance to 92%~95%.

RO: The concentration multiple of tea soluble solids, tea polyphenols and caffeine can be 2-7 times. And the colour, scent and taste of the tea extraction can be kept well. The concentration of tea extraction can be enhanced from 8%~10% to over 25%, and the concentration cost can be reduced by 50% (compared to traditional vacuum concentration).