Grain & Oil Industry

Grain & Oil Industry

  Neutral oil is extracted from plants and consists of triglyceride fatty acids ( TGFA ) mainly, slight free fatty acid (FFA), phospholipid, colour components such as chlorophyll, carotenoid, Vitamin E and slight metal ions, etc. 

  Membrane separation technology can remove some impurities in the neutral oil to keep the oil quality and storage stability. Besides, some components such as oleic acid and phospholipid have their own value, so they should be recycled by chemical and physical methods. Compared to traditional methods, the loss of neutral oil can be reduced by 75%.

Membrane technology process:



MF: Instead of centrifugation for a better impurity removal separation effect.

UF1: Mainly remove concentrated micelle phospholipids, the removal rate of the micelle phospholipids in soybean oil, palm oil, colza oil,etc. can be >95%.

UF2: Nonhydratable phospholipid can become hemolytic phospholipids by enzymolysis, and after ultrafiltration removal and concentration, the phospholipid content in filtrate is almost zero.

UF Membrane can remove most pigments and some heavy metal elements for saving consumption in the adsorbing decoloration process.