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Mey-Well provides membrane and element products with a wide range of performance characteristics. There are come from USA. A variety of backing materials and element constructions provides products customized to specific applications. If an application is not adequately covered by the elements below, please contact Mey-Well for assistance.


Mey-Well provides:

Robust materials and construction for long life.

• The element diameter can be 2.5/3.8/4.0/6.3/8.0/8.3 inch with length of 38 or 40 inch.

All components meet FDA requirements for repeated use food contact.

USDA accepted and other specialized constructions available.

A variety of backings is available on all UF/MF membranes.

Multiple feed spacer thicknesses and configurations are provided to meet application

  specific requirements.


Permeate Tube Material:



• Polysulfone

• 304SS






Our's element can be application in:

      • Dairy

      • Wine & Brew

      Food & Beverage

      • Pharmaceutical

      • Special Separation & Filtration

      • Other Industrial Process


• Urethane

• Epoxy


Feed spacer:

• Diamond Pattern (26, 31, 34, 46,65, 80, 100 mil)

• Parallel Pattern (34, 47, 120 mil)

• Open Channel (70 mil)


Outer warp:

• Sanitary/Net

• Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

• Net over FRP


Special Construction:

• High Pressure

• High Temperature

• Custom Configuration

Spiral membrane element

Sheet membrane MBR
      Sheet Membrane element
      Sheet MBR Module

membrane housing

Membrane housing
      Ceramic membrane housing
      2.5 inch membrane housing
      4.0 inch membrane housing
      8.0 inch membrane housing
      8.3 inch membrane housing
      3-A membrane housings
      E-coat membrane housing
      OEM system & Accessories

Cartridge Filter housings
      TCH: top closure housings
      MCH: Mid closure housings
      FMCH: Special design
      Offset: swing bolt design

Bag filter vessels
      Single Bag Filter(V-clamp)
      Single Bag Filter(Swing bolt)
      Multi-Bag Vessel

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