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Multi- bag vessel

  • Heavy duty design for industrial applicationswith ASME code "U" stamp or Non-code
  • With three flow line type:
        Side in and side out

        Side in and bottom out

        Bottom in and bottom out 

  • With three cover opening & closures type: 
        V-clamp hinged cover & spring assisted  
        Swing bolt hinged cover & spring assisted 
        Davit opening cover
  • Max. working pressure: 150psi(10bar)
  • Max. temperature: 250°F(120)
  • Material: type 304/316L stainless steel is available
  • Seal: standard is Buna-N; EPDM, Viton, Teflon is option
  • Finish: standard is glass bead;
  • Connection: raised face 150-lb ANSI flange 
  • Filter bag: for bag filter size 01# & 02#
  • Top cover with  NPT vent or gauge ;NPT  drain on the bottom.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel support legs is standard
  • Model: from 3 to 24 bags   


     V-clamp hinged cover             swing bolt hinged cover          Davit opening cover




Davit opening cover (Multi-bag vessel_#2×17bags)



Spiral membrane element

Sheet membrane MBR
      Sheet Membrane element
      Sheet MBR Module

membrane housing

Membrane housing
      Ceramic membrane housing
      2.5 inch membrane housing
      4.0 inch membrane housing
      8.0 inch membrane housing
      8.3 inch membrane housing
      3-A membrane housings
      E-coat membrane housing
      OEM system & Accessories

Cartridge Filter housings
      TCH: top closure housings
      MCH: Mid closure housings
      FMCH: Special design
      Offset: swing bolt design

Bag filter vessels
      Single Bag Filter(V-clamp)
      Single Bag Filter(Swing bolt)
      Multi-Bag Vessel

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