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●   We abidance by law, respect people; 

●   We manage in good faith, pay attention to create special values for customers; 

●   We service more for complete industry chain customers;

●   We lead the global membrane cleaning technology with advanced concept and techniques; 

●   We have core of industry chain techniques, and give complete service to our customers.


●   Depending on market insight, finding some unsatisfied demands, inventing new different application products, creating special value for customers   

●   Taking part in the development of environment and health actively, researching on cereal oil, drink, dairy,pharmaceutical;Biomass energy, chemical industry and specialty chemicals. Contributing for human life circumstance, nutrition and health

●   Cultivating workers for multiple membrane links talents of international technique, commerce and manage; unite with all forces that can be united, developing a large number of satellite companies which are participated by our company