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Company profile


Zhe Jiang Mey Membrane Technology Co., Ltd (Mey) is a national high-tech enterprise. Mey was founded in 2002, mainly engages in spiral ultrafiltration, nanofiltration membrane and membrane elements, including the R& D, manufacturing, selling and services. Mey has imported international high-tech, advance membrane lines for water treatment membrane of food, beverage and industrial wastewater. 

With the rapid development of 20 years, Mey has branches and offices in many regions of the world:

          ●   US office: Sales and Biotechnology R & D ;

          ●   European R & D Center: Membrane material R & D;

          ●   Hangzhou R & D Office: Process R&D;

          ●   Fuyang production base: membrane manufacture, sanitary membrane house , filter and equipment manufacture .


Mey is a membrane manufacturer with our own core technology. Major products at this stage include:

1) Process membrane:

3-A dairy products and food membrane: 3-A certified MF, UF, NF, RO menmbrane.

Standard process membrane: MF, UF, NF, RO menmbrane.

Special use membrane: juice/wine/zymin/electrophoretic paint/vitamin/soy sauce/vinegar/oil-water separation process membrane.

2) Water and wastewater treatment membrane: Electrolyte polymer membrane and NF membrane for drinking water.

3) Special membrane- Made in America: alkali-resisting, chlorine-resisting, acid-resisting, solvent-resisting, heat-resisting and oxidation-resisting membrane.