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Company profile

MEY was established in 2002,and has stainless steel production base and membrane production base.

Stainless Steel Plant mainly produces Membrane Housings and Filter Housings,with the certification of ASME,CE.Products are sold to Japan, the United States and Europe and other developed countries.(Please see the website:

Membrane Plant,focus on the Filtration,Separation&Concentration ,Purification.Has imported membrane sheet production lines from abroad,with a membrane material R&D department led by overseas doctors.


MEY is a membrane product manufacturer with its own core technology. NF membranes are the main products at this stage. At present, our business segment is mainly Water and Wastewater, Separation&Concentration.


1) Process Membrane: Standard UF/NF/RO(standard,high pressure,high rejection)

    3-A Membranes for Diary and Food: MF/UF/NF/RO

    Dedicated Membranes: Juice/Wine/Enzyme/Electro-coating/Vitamin/Soy

                                          sauce/Vinegar/Oil-water separation,ect.

2) Water and Wastewater Membrane: Replaceable NF Membrane,Home Use&Commercial Use 

                                                             Membrane,Industrial Wastewater Membrane

3) Special Membrane-Made in USA: Acid/Alkali/Chlorine/Solvent/High temperature/Oxidation

                                                          Resistance Membrane